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4×4 Battery Maintenance

Have you ever spent your morning trying to turn over the engine of your 4×4 thanks to surprise battery failure? If so, you understand the inconvenience of either having to get a jump or replacing the battery altogether. A towing service may be costly, not to mention time consuming. Better to avoid future breakdowns by seeking seasonal maintenance on both your battery. As temperatures fluctuate, the battery takes a hit given the amount of drain forced upon it during the transition from winter months to the warmth of spring. Now is the time to focus on your 4×4’s battery to ensure that it will always keep you safe on and off the road. The following tips will help to prolong the life of your battery. The average lifespan of a car battery is 3 – 5 years. Why not get the most you can out of it?

When possible, disconnect the battery – If a battery remains idle for too long, the charge will drain. This drainage could damage the responsiveness of the alternator, causing an unreliable start-up for the life of your vehicle. If you plan to be away from your 4×4 for over two weeks, disconnect the battery. This small action will keep the electronic demand low – a usual culprit for draining battery life. Upon your return, just reconnect the battery and go.

Clean the connections – Seasonal battery cleaning removes build up of corrosion that accumulates over months of use in colder temperatures. A build up of corrosion around the battery’s connectors can cut off the battery’s power supply, causing intermittent lack of power or a sudden burst. Check the tightness of all terminals to give yourself the piece of mind that there are no damaging leaks.

Avoid short trips – The alternator recharges your 4×4’s battery while it’s being driven, but the battery’s charge will suffer greatly if the vehicle is making short, frequent trips. Just twenty minutes of consecutive driving per week is enough to let the alternator recharge the battery as the car is being driven, so open up your 4×4 on the open road and let her ride!

Seasonal routine maintenance is required to get the most out of your battery and keep your vehicle running safely on the road. Bring your 4×4 into Advanced 4×4 today for a maintenance appointment and we will perform a full diagnostic. If any battery-related issues are a concern, we will bring it to your attention and take the proper steps to have your vehicle running in top form. Contact us today and schedule your spring maintenance appointment. Don’t wait for that moment of frustration behind the wheel. Preventative maintenance saves money in the long run and may help you avoid major repairs in the future. Our 4×4 diagnostics test explores all possible issues and our skilled technicians are ready to offer repair options with your budget in mind. Allow the experts at Advanced 4×4 extend the life of your battery and ensure that your 4×4 is safe and ready to take to the road this spring.

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