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4×4 Battery Maintenance

Have you ever spent your morning trying to turn over the engine of your 4×4 thanks to surprise battery failure? If so, you understand the inconvenience of either having to get a jump or replacing the battery altogether. A towing service may be costly, not to mention time consuming. Better to avoid future breakdowns by […]

Check Your 4×4’s Transmission Fluid Today!

Much like oil and other automotive fluids, transmission fluid deteriorates over time and when it comes to owning a 4×4, some unique driving situations could speed up the deterioration process. Trailer towing and frequent stop-and-go city driving come to mind. Both can strain your transmission and given the winter we’ve had here in Colorado, it’s […]

Spring Maintenance in Castle Rock, Colorado

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to consider seasonal maintenance on your 4×4. The abuse your 4×4 takes over the winter can often lead to issues that may not make an appearance until well into spring. Hazardous road conditions and temperature fluctuation may lead to frequent braking, adding more wear and tear on […]

4×4 Suspension Tips in Castle Rock, Colorado

Your 4×4’s suspension is what keeps you driving in comfort over less-than-ideal terrain.  Extreme situations are no problem with the right suspension system guiding you through the trails with ease.  Whether you are carrying a heavy load or navigating sharp mountain curves, the suspension protects both you and the rest of your engine from absorbing […]

Traction Tips for Your 4×4

Unlike front or rear wheel drive, 4-wheel-drive vehicles have the ability to provide greater traction and improved handling in less than ideal driving conditions. Other than being great fun to drive, they are also equipped with the tools for a safe driving experience. Below are some useful tips for getting the most out of your […]