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New Website Launched

We’ve just released our new website at Advanced Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair in Castle Rock. We hope that the new site will make connecting with Advanced easier and move enjoyable. We have also released a new Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube sites to connect with our customers. Come back frequently for the latest […]

Castle Rock Drivers: Good Ears Might Save on Auto Repair Bills

The next time you are driving your car around castle rock, turn down the radio for a minute and listen. You could save hundreds of dollars by avoiding auto repairs. By listening for early warning signs when driving your vehicle, you can get repairs done before they become bigger problems or require towing charges which […]

Brake Flush Maintenance Saves Your Brakes!

Why proactively flush and replace the brake fluid? This is actually a legitimate piece of preventive maintenance. Brake fluid is a hydrostatic fluid, meaning that it attracts water. To test this, leave a can of brake fluid out to sit and it will collect water on top of it. Keeping brake fluid free of water […]

Sun Dangers for Vehicles in Castle Rock

While most of us love the summer sun, heat is the enemy for cars as it can ruin everything from your cooling system to your oil and tires. The extent of repairs needed for heat issues can be as small as replacing a radiator hose to as grand as needing to buy a new engine. […]

Castle Rock Drivers: Is your car making a strange rumbling noise?

Do you hear a rumbling sound when you drive? First check your tires! Check to see if there are signs of substantial wear, which could indicate they are out of balance or out of alignment. If tires are not the problem, have your breaks checked. They could be ready for new pads or in need […]