Midwinter 4×4 Maintenance and Safe Driving Tips

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your 4×4 running the way it did as you drove it off of the lot. 4×4, off road vehicles are built to be driven differently and here in Castle Rock, Colorado, we put those differences to the test. Whether you use your 4×4 simply to drive to the office… Read More

Get a New Fuel Filter and Give Your Engine a Boost

Your SUV or car requires clean fuel to run well. Your fuel injectors can get clogged when your fuel isn’t clean. If your fuel injectors get blocked, your engine won’t get the right amount of fuel to run properly. This will hurt your fuel economy as you drive around Castle Rock. It can also create… Read More

Advanced Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair Discusses Regular vs. Premium Gas

People in Castle Rock, Colorado, often ask if premium gas is better for their car. Let’s begin with a quick education on what premium gasoline actually is. With different grades of gas there are different octane ratings. While premium gas has the highest octane, regular gas has the lowest octane rating. Most gas stations in… Read More

Castle Rock Auto Repair Expert

Meet Steve Dudden, Owner of Advanced Four Wheel Drive and Auto Repair in Castle Rock, Colorado. In this video, Steve talks about servicing all makes and models of 4×4, Jeeps, and autos. he also talks about the standard of service he provides all of his customers. {“video”:”http://vimeo.com/46733666″,”width”:”300″,”height”:”225″} Steve is the owner of Advanced Four Wheel… Read More

24/7 Towing Offered at Advanced Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair in Castle Rock

Advanced Four Wheel Drive & Auto Repair in Castle Rock, Colorado is very proud to announce our towing services, intended to make your repairs as convenient as possible. Here are some of the highlights: •24/7 towing available •VERY competitive towing fees •Tow truck driver will drop your car at the shop and take you back… Read More

Keep Things Flowing with a Fuel Filter Replacement at Advanced Four Wheel Drive and Auto Repair

The purpose of a fuel filter is self-explanatory. It filters your fuel. The fuel filter is located in fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine. Gas and diesel vehicles around Castle Rock use fuel filters. As your vehicle ages, fuel line problems actually gets worse because dirt, rust and other contaminants will settle… Read More

Castle Rock Drivers: Good Ears Might Save on Auto Repair Bills

The next time you are driving your car around castle rock, turn down the radio for a minute and listen. You could save hundreds of dollars by avoiding auto repairs. By listening for early warning signs when driving your vehicle, you can get repairs done before they become bigger problems or require towing charges which… Read More

Sun Dangers for Vehicles in Castle Rock

While most of us love the summer sun, heat is the enemy for cars as it can ruin everything from your cooling system to your oil and tires. The extent of repairs needed for heat issues can be as small as replacing a radiator hose to as grand as needing to buy a new engine.… Read More