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Green Driving

Did you know that drivers can help their finances and the environment by adopting some best practices? Better habits with driving and having your automobile maintained regularly are just two easy ways a motorist can be more “green” – supporting both your wallet and the environment!!

Below are some easy tips to consider:

  • Ensure that your engine is running at its best which causes less pollution and helps to avoid expensive repairs.
  • If you change your own oil, make sure you get rid of the batteries and dirty fluids responsibly.
  • Make sure that your tires are aligned and inflated properly. Low air pressure forces the engine to work much harder and they will also wear faster.
  • Only let qualified technicians handle refrigerants. Some systems that are older have chemicals that deplete the ozone and can be let out into the atmosphere if not handled properly.
  • Avoid stop and go traffic as much as you can. It takes more gas and wears your vehicle down faster. It takes its toll on your brakes too.
  • Try to combine your errands daily to reduce your amount of driving. If you are parked and waiting in your car for something, shut it off rather than letting it idle.
  • Keep as little in your vehicle as possible. Heavier automobiles get worse gas mileage.

Consistent care for your car and a gentler approach to driving will not only help with your gas mileage but also help save the environment. Go green!!

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