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Midwinter 4×4 Maintenance and Safe Driving Tips

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your 4×4 running the way it did as you drove it off of the lot. 4×4, off road vehicles are built to be driven differently and here in Castle Rock, Colorado, we put those differences to the test. Whether you use your 4×4 simply to drive to the office or if you are towing tools and supplies for large construction jobs, there is a certain level of wear and tear any 4×4 will put up with before needing a check up. Consider midwinter maintenance as the best way to keep your 4×4 healthy for the upcoming seasonal changes.

Winter is a season that screams for 4 wheel drive. In some cases, it is the only means of transportation during the worst snow and ice storms, but driving a 4×4 alone doesn’t mean that you are invincible to bad weather and potential accidents. Here are some preventative measures for your 4×4 vehicle that will keep it performing best in the winter weather.

  • Tire Safety – Performance of your vehicle begins with proper tire care and maintenance. Take the time to review the owner’s manual of your vehicle or check the interior of your vehicle’s door to determine the correct tire pressure for your 4×4. Driving on tires that are not properly inflated is dangerous for you and others on the road. It can cause poor performance, skidding, and a blow out should they continue to be driven on without proper care.
  • Consider Snow or Studded Tires – If you want to step it up a level in the winter months, consider swapping your standard issue 4×4 tires for either snow or studded tires. If you perform a job where driving in all types of weather is necessary, this could be a viable option for best performance during poor, icy road conditions. Winter weather specific tires adhere to the road better than your average tires, as they provide more traction on conditions that are poor. These tires should only be used during the winter months.
  • Check Antifreeze Ratio – It is important to mix antifreeze 50/50 with water for the best performance in your 4×4. If temperatures are consistently below zero, that ratio may be altered slightly to include a greater amount of antifreeze. Adjusting this ratio should only be an option during the winter months, as it will be overkill once spring arrives.
  • Top off the Windshield Washer Fluid – During poor driving conditions, it is easy to go through this fluid quickly. Carry a bottle of washer fluid along with you at all times. The worst scenario is that you may run out of fluid while driving, making your windshield a mess of snow, salt from the road, and ice residue that may make proper vision an impossibility. This makes driving incredibly dangerous in poor weather, especially here in Colorado.
  • Inspect Your Wiper Blades – Always keep an eye on your wiper blades. Are they performing properly? Have they become dull and ineffective? Keep this in mind for the same reason you should be checking the wiper fluid level. If clearing the window of snow and ice becomes impossible, so does driving during bad weather.
  • Take it slow – Just because you are driving a high-powered 4 wheel drive machine, it doesn’t mean that you are invincible (though we may feel that way at times.) Keep to the speed limit or below during poor weather. Also, keep in mind that others around you may not be driving a 4×4 equipped with snow tires. Defensive driving during poor, icy weather is paramount to driver safety.

Contact us today at Advanced Four Wheel Drive and Auto Repair to schedule a Midwinter Routine Maintenance appointment and ensure that your 4×4 is operating at peak performance during the winter weather.  Let the experts get you back on the road better than ever!

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