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Spring Maintenance in Castle Rock, Colorado

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to consider seasonal maintenance on your 4×4. The abuse your 4×4 takes over the winter can often lead to issues that may not make an appearance until well into spring. Hazardous road conditions and temperature fluctuation may lead to frequent braking, adding more wear and tear on those brake pads. Potholes in roads can cause damage to your alignment along with worn tires. Fluid levels fall during poor weather conditions. This includes the windshield wiper fluid, oil, and even transmission fluid. It’s possible that it may even be time for a transmission fluid flush for your 4×4. Why not let Advanced 4×4service your vehicle to keep it safe for both you and your family this spring?

Tire pressure is a major issue for your 4×4 as the weather warms up. Low pressure due to temperature fluctuation effects the reliability of your steering system. It can also lead to misalignment and leaves your tires susceptible to blow outs. Be sure to check your tire pressure regularly to maintain the safety of your 4×4. Wiper blades are also put to the test during the winter months. Their use rises given the number of storms and dangerous driving conditions. When snow turns to rain, ineffectual wiper blades can become dangerous. Early spring is the best time to replace wiper blades and top off windshield wiper fluid. Salt from roads may also do damage to both the exterior and underside of your vehicle. This damage may not have been noticeable during the winter, but now that the weather has shifted, small damage comes to light.

Battery life also drains during the winter months. Preventative maintenance on your 4×4 could diagnose and treat battery issues before they become major repairs. No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road due to a dead battery. Using all of the necessary accessories like the defroster, heat, speakers, and seat warmers for most of the winter can often cut a 4×4’s battery life in half. Corrosion is also an issue during the winter months. Corrosion may prevent a car from starting, as it is caused by a faulty connection between the battery case and post. Debris and extreme temperatures are the perfect combination for corrosion and regular battery inspection may prevent a future break down. Here at Advanced 4×4, our technicians are skilled in both diagnosing any potential issues and recommending the right repair because we know that catching problems early may lead to a cost savings over time.

Frequent braking in the winter months creates extreme wear on brake pads, resulting in uneven wear. This causes grinding and misalignment, both of which could lead to greater issues if ignored. Brake fluid levels may also dip in the winter. Squeaking, grinding, or a general unusual feeling when you apply the brakes should be seen as warning signs. These signs should be followed up with a call to Advanced 4×4. We’ll be happy to service your 4×4 to ensure that it is both safe and ready for some spring action. If the steering wheel is shaking or the pedal sinks when the car is at a full stop, it’s time for a service appointment. It is important to have everything checked as temperatures rise to ensure that all elements of your 4×4 are working up to standard. Safety is our top priority here at Advanced 4×4, but don’t forget to have a little fun with your ride!

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